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  • German Luftwaffe tent heater/cooking stove,nice condition relic recovered from old German airfield at Petsamo in Northern Finland.

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    This is a German Luftwaffe tent heater/cooking stove which is in relic condition but nice condition.The heater/stove still has a lot of its original blue paintwork with surface rust but no rust holes it is complete with its internal parts and stand it has been very well cleaned and is perfect for display or any collection a more unusual item to find being Luftwaffe issue.The heater/stove was recovered from the old German airfield at Petsamo in Northern Finland and comes with a A5 laminated information card with a picture of the airfield. 


    The German airfield at Petsamo in Northern Finland the Airfield was a base used to bomb Murmansk in Russia and Messerschmitt 109’s of J.G 5 were based here.

    Petsamo (FIN) (a.k.a.Pechenga) (69 33 N – 31 12 E) General: airfield (Fliegerhorst) in N Finland 52 km ESE of Kirkenes, 20 km SSW of Petsamo/Pechenga and 3.5 km SW of the village of Luostari. History: Petsamo was the location of the Finnish nickel mines and the airfield began service as a commercial airport on 2 Jun 40. Although it supported small detachments of bombers for short periods of time that struck targets in the Murmansk area, it was mainly a fighter base and home to JG 5.

    On the 15th June 1941 the airfield was ordered to develop and extend landing ground and accommodations in preparation for the arrival of a JU87 Stuka Gruppe. 4 Mar 42: low-level attack – 2 x He 111 H-6s from 1./KG 26 damaged on the ground. 4 Apr 42: bombed – 1 x He 111 H-6 from 1./KG 26 damaged on the ground. 29 Mar 43: air attack – 1 x Ju 88 A-4 from I./KG 30 destroyed on the ground. On the 1st June 1943 the Station strength was a total of 2,696 Luftwaffe personnel and 124 Wehrmacht auxiliaries.

    On 19 Feb 44: attacked with fragmentation bombs and strafed – 1 x Bf 109 G-2 belonging to 8./JG 5 destroyed, 4 KIA and 2 WIA. 28 Jul 44: bombed by Soviet aircraft. 17 Aug 44: hit again by Soviet aircraft. On the 15th October 1944 the airfield was captured by Russian forces. The Operational Units on the airfield during the war were: 1./JG 77 (Jun-Nov 41); Kurierkette Lappland (Jun 41 – Apr 43); detachment of 1.(H)/Aufkl.Gr. 32 (Jul 41 – Sep 44); detachments of I./KG 30 (Jul 41 – Jul 43); 14./JG 77 (Sep 41 – Jan 42); I./KG 26 (Oct-Dec 41); all or elements of II./JG 5 (Jan 42 – c.Mar 43); all of elements of III./JG 5 (Apr 42 – Oct 44); Stab/JG5 (May 42 – Feb 44); II./KG 30 (Sep 42); 1./KG 60 (Oct 42); 14.(Jabo)/JG 5 (Feb 43 – Feb 44); 4./SG 5 (Feb 44); 5./JG 5 (Mar-Apr 44); elements of IV./JG 5

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