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  • Group of large airframe and engine parts from German Messerschmitt bf 109E-4 piloted by Staffel Kapitan Leutnant Horst Marx shot down 15th August 1940 and crashed at Frant in Sussex

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    This is a nice group parts from a battle of Britain of Messerschmitt 109. The parts are 1 section of aluminium airframe with metal clip attached there is also a section of a very large section of mag allow engine case, large section of brass radiator, internal engine large rubber pipe section and a long section of metal external pipework 3 sections with connector clip a lot of them still retain some of there original colours they have been very well cleaned but would clean up more if you wanted to they are perfect for display or any collection and are 4-12 inches long .The parts come from German Messerschmitt bf 109E-4 piloted by Staffel Kapitan Leutnant Horst Marx shot down 15th August 1940 and crashed at Frant in Sussex. The parts come with 2x A5 information laminated sheets with combat report and picture of the pilot and his aircraft as shown on the last picture on the listing.

    German Messerschmitt bf 109E-4. The plane was piloted by Staffel Kapitan Leutnant Horst Marx on the 15th August 1940 at 7.10pm he was shot down in combat while on the attack of Croydon airfield of which was being led by Kommandeur Hauptmann Walter Rubensdorfer. H.Marx Messerschmitt was trying to protect W.Rubensdorfer’s Messerschmitt 110 when it was attacked by RAF Hurricanes of number 32 and number 111 squadron the plane was shot down and crashed in flames at Lightlands Farm in Frant. Horst Marx bailed out and landed at Mark cross he was captured unhurt.

    This is part of the combat report on this engagement

    The four Bf-110s of the Gruppenstab came under attack by 111 Squadron. Rubensdörffer was hit but the Bf-110 kept flying. Taking the airplane so low that he was manoeuvring around farm houses, Rubensdörffer streaked for the coast. A Hurricane managed to get within range as the 110 lifted slightly to go over a church steeple and set the fleeing German afire. Moments later, as the flames engulfed a wing, Rubensdörffer and his Bordfunker, Obergefreiter Richard Kretcher were killed in the explosion as they hit ground just short of a farmhouse. At almost the same time Gruppenadjutant Oberleutnant Horst Redler was shot down..He died three days later of his wounds while his Bordfunker, Obergefreiter Johann Werner became a POW. Hit badly, Gruppe Technicsoffizier Leutnant Karl-Heinz Koch made a successful belly-landing, both he and Bordfunker Unteroffizier Rolf Kahl being captured. Three more Messerschmitt 110’s of 1.Staffel were shot down. Leutnant Horst Marx in his Messerschmitt 109, tried to help W.Rubensdörffer but was himself shot down by a Hurricane abandoned his plane. 


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