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  • Pair of Sherman tank spare shell carry cases. Turned into a chimney by troops in Bastogne

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    This is a pair of Sherman tank spare shell carry cases which have been stuck together to make a chimney for a fire, still has original paint work and some markings. This tube was made by US troops defending Bastogne. It was found in an old American fox hole in the woods around Bastogne in Belgium and was recovered from the scene of the fighting during the Battle of the Bulge in 1944. This item is 57 inches long and heavy. This is part of a very large collection of items that has been recovered from the battlefield in the woods around Bastogne over many years this area was at the centre of the fighting during the Battle of the Bulge in the winter of 1944.  

    The Battle of the Bulge, fought over the winter months of 1944 – 1945, was the last major Nazi offensive against the Allies in World War Two. The battle was a last ditch attempt by Hitler to split the Allies in two in their drive towards Germany and destroy their ability to supply themselves.The Battle of the Bulge started on December 16th 1944. Hitler had convinced himself that the alliance between Britain, France and America in the western sector of Europe was not strong and that a major attack and defeat would break up the alliance. Therefore, he ordered a massive attack against what were primarily American forces. The attack is strictly known as the Ardennes Offensive but because the initial attack by the Germans created a bulge in the Allied front line, it has become more commonly known as the Battle of the Bulge.

    Hitler’s plan was to launch a massive attack using three armies on the Allies which would, in his mind, destabilise their accord and also take the huge port of Antwerp through which a great deal of supplies was reaching the Allies.