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  • Russian fired 40.8 mm Dyakonov Rifle Grenade nice condition relic, original colours recovered from the battles against the German 4th Panzer Army on the Dom river area from the battles of November- December 1942 outside Stalingrad

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    This is a rare find from the battlefield a Russian fired 40.8 mm Dyakonov Rifle Grenade which is pretty much complete it has split open from being fired and is empty and inert. The steel cased grenade which still retains some original colours the case is a bit pitted with no rust holes it is in very nice condition it is very solid not braking up a cracking condition relic that has been very well cleaned and is perfect for display or any collection. The grenade was used by the Russians against the German 4th Panzer Army recovered from on the Dom river the area from the battles of November- December 1942 outside Stalingrad in Russia. The grenade comes with a A5 laminated information sheet with pictures.

    The 4th Panzer Army which had in it units which included the 14th and 24th panzer Divisions and 92nd infantry Division was under the command of General Hermann Hoth it guarded the outside perimeter of Stalingrad while the 6th Army was engaged in the battle to capture the city. For over two months, the 6th Army was embroiled in vicious fighting in the city; though it was able to take over 90% of the city, it was unable to destroy the last pockets of resistance. On 19 November 1942, the Red Army launched operation Uranus, a counter-offensive which encircled of the entire 6th Army the 4th Paer was fighting Russian forces outside the city during the whole of November and December and tried and failed to break the encirclement of Stalingrad in Operation winter storm in December 1942.

    Rifle grenade launcher of the Dyakonov system : Russia / Soviet Union (RUS  / SOV)