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  • German soldiers rare 1907 pattern water bottle aluminium colour nice relic, maker marking recovered 2014 from pit of buried equipment near the village of Gueudecourt defended by the 2nd Royal Bavarian Division during the battles,September 1916,Somme

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    This is a rare fine from the battlefield a 1907 pattern German soldiers water bottle still with pretty much all of its original aluminium colour very clear to see and cracking condition for a 100 year old water bottle. The bottle is pretty much complete and has some maker markings that can be seen partly it is missing its top but is a nice item to get from the battle field in this condition still with so much colour it is in relic but solid condition does have some damage and holes from being buried the bottle is not crumbling or braking up and has been nicely cleaned perfect for display or any collection. The water bottle was recovered in 2014 from a pit of buried equipment in what was a German trench line near the village of Gueudecourt this area was defended by the 2nd Royal Bavarian Division part of the German 2nd Army during the battles of September-October 1916 on the Somme a very nice and rare relic from the famous Somme battlefield of 1916 1918.

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