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  • German Granfenwerfer 16 Mortar bomb missing its tail fins, nice condition relic recovered on the Somme battlefield of July 1916

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    German Granfenwerfer 16 Mortar bomb which is missing its tail fins but in nice condition for a recovered relic. The tail section still unscrews from the main charge case very easily the mortar bomb is empty and inert the whole bomb is semi- relic condition it is very solid and has been very nicely cleaned it has been over painted black to help preserve it the bomb is in very solid condition very rare to get one of these from the battlefield in this good a condition and that still unscrews perfectly . The grenade was recovered on the Somme battlefield of July 1916 this area saw very heavy fighting during the early part of the battle and was just behind the British front line for the 1st July attack. The mortar comes with A5 laminated information card.

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