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  • Large aireframe panel, Engine case section recognisable, bearing cap from piston conrod, nice clean relics, original colours from RAF Spitfire P9364 shot down by Messerschmitt 109 flown by Ace Werner Molders, 27th September 1940 crashed at Hollingbourne

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    This is a rare group of large parts to get which are a section of aluminium airframe which is 2 parts that were connected now are loose apart with some black paint remains on it there is also a very large section of mag allow engine case which is part of the top of the engine outer case with the edge of a hole which a piston sat in which has near all of its original black paintwork and there is a bearing cap from the top of a engine piston conrod again with original black paintwork. The parts which still retain a lot of there original colours all the parts have ripped and bent by the impact the crash they are in lovely clean condition they have been nicely cleaned the sections are around 5- 9 inches long and are perfect for display or for any collection and so rare to get such large parts from a Spitfire. These parts are from RAF Spitfire P9364 shot down by Messerschmitt 109 flown by Ace Werner Molders on the 27th September 1940 crashed at Hollingbourne in Kent .A lovely group of rare relics from a battle of Britain Spitfire shot down by famous ace and come with a laminated A5 information card with pictures.

    RAF Spitfire P9364 shot down by Messerschmitt 109 flown by Ace Werner Molders on the 27th September 1940 over Kent the plane crashed at Hollingbourne.

    On 24th February 1940 Sargent Scott arrived at 12 Group Pool, Aston Down. After converting to Spitfires, he was posted to 222 Squadron at Duxford on 23rd March. He was still with the squadron at the start of the Battle of Britain. On 3rd September 1940 Scott claimed a Dornier D017 and a Messerschmitt bf 109 destroyed, on the 5th a probable Messerschmitt me110 and Messerschmitt bf109, on the 7th he destroyed a Messerschmitt bf109, on the 9th probably destroyed another Messerschmitt bf109 and on the 11th shot down a Heinkel he 111. After this engagement, Scott returned to Hornchurch with his hood shattered after an attack by a Messerschmitt bf109. At 4.00pm on the 27th September 1940 Sargent Scott claimed a Messerschmitt bf109 destroyed but he himself failed to return from an operational sortie in the afternoon and was reported 'Missing'. His Spitfire, P9364 was shot down and crashed at Greenway Court Road, Hollingbourne Kent it was shot down by Ace Major Werner Molders of JG5 it was his 55th Victory.


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