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  • Aluminium airframe panel with maker marked electrical connector lots of colour and paintwork German Messerschmitt Me262 number 170299 of 1/KG 51 it crashed after running out of fuel on the November 26th 1944 south of Kirchwistedt near Bremerhaven,Germany

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    This is a very nice airframe section from the famous jet fighter a German Messerschmitt Me262. This is a aluminium airframe panel still with maker marked electrical connector attached it is marked F94 and F93 still with original green/gray and black paintwork remains clear to see the part still retains a lot of its original colours it has been very well cleaned it has ripped and bent by the impact of the crash and is perfect for display or any collection the size of the part is 4 half inches long and 4 half inches wide .The part was comes with A5 laminated information sheet and comes from German Messerschmitt Me262A-2a which is possibly number 170299 of 1/KG 51 it crashed after running out of fuel on the November 26th, 1944 it crashed 3 km south of Kirchwistedt near Bremerhaven in Northern Germany.

    The 26th November 1944 was a busy day for KG 51. Starting from 0936 hrs, five Schwärme of four Me 262s each took off from Hopsten in a wide-ranging operation, each carrying two SD 250s bombs against enemy artillery positions at Roermond, Duerne, Nijmegen and Helmond.

    The pilot, Unteroffizier Horst Sanio, flew his aircraft low from the SW to the NE, just missing some treetops and made a very heavy crash landing in a field, stopping in front of a farmhouse. One of the bombs, which he was carrying, went through the front wall of this farmhouse and was found in one of the barns at the back of this farmhouse. Sanio was brought to this farmhouse with severe injuries and was taken to the hospital at Almelo. On November 30, 1944, Sanio died of his wounds and was buried at Almelo and later at Ysselsteyn(L) were he now rests in grave BE-4-79.


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