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  • Complete nice condition British 18 pounder shrapnel shell dated 1917 on the case nice and clean, original colours found on the Somme battlefield of 1916-1918

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    This is a nice example of a Complete British 18 pounder shrapnel shell lovely condition dated 1917 the primer is dated January 1918 with a black painted steel case which is complete with its brass driving band the case is a bit pitted but complete again nice and clean. The brass shell case is in nice condition still it's nice shiny brass colour but is a bit discoloured in places and has all its original markings on the bottom of the case all clear to see. The fuse is in overall lovely condition very well cleaned lovely original brass colour and all of its original markings it does screw in and out of the case very easily the shell is completely empty and inert and overall perfect condition for display and rare for any collection. The shell was found on the on the Somme battlefield of 1916-1918.

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