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  • Large section of aluminium airframe structure with a lot of original green and black paintwork from American B26 Marauder number 41-18052 shot down by flak on the 17th May 1943 over Holland

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    This is a large section of aluminium airframe structure which is many bits still riveted together with a pipework section in the middle.The structure still with lots of original black paintwork and a bit of dark green and brown paintwork clear to see all over the section the part has ripped and bent by the impact of the crash it is in nice clean condition but does still have a lot of dirt attached from the recovery it would clean up more if you wanted to but is perfect for display or any collection and is 15 inches long and 10 inches wide and comes with a A5 laminated information sheet the part is from B26 Marauder number 41-18052 the plane was on a raid on a power station in Holland.

    B26 Marauder number 41-18052 the plane was on a raid on a power station in Holland when it was shot down hit by flak and crashed near Maassluis in Holland at 11.52am on 17th May 1943.

    The raiding aircraft were forced south of intended point of entry after being fired on by flak from German coastal convoy and flew over heavily defended Rozenburg Island. Continued to target and subsequent fate. As the first flight flew over the sand dunes a hail of 20mm flak hit the lead B26 piloted by Lt. Col. Robert W Stillman, killing Lt. Resweber, the co-pilot. The plane snap rolled and crashed. Three severely injured crewmen were dragged from the wreckage by the Germans. A mile or two to the south the following flight also encountered heavy flak on landfall in. Lt. Garrambone, leading the second element, could not maintain control after being hit and crashed into the Maas River four of the crew survived. There were 10 B-26’s shot down during the raid. 


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