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  • Very rare German MP40 machine gun remains lovely relic condition recovered from near village of Plota near Prokhorovka on the battlefield at Kursk 1943 in Russia

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    This is a rare find from the battlefield a German MP40 machine gun which is the front and back sections which are not connected with the magazine in place which is empty of all ammunition it has no bakerite left at all and is deactivated by condition obviously plain to see not complete also the barrel is blocked in side as well and no moving parts they have all completely rusted solid and broken in some places. The machine gun section is in nice condition for a relic rusty and pitted does have some original colour at the end of the barrel it has been very nicely cleaned and is in very solid condition and a nice one for the collection perfect for display. The machine gun was recovered from near the village of Plota which is south Prokhorovka ware the main tank battle was on the 12th July 1943 where the largest Tank battle of the war and the last great German offensive of the war in the East in Russia. The gun comes with 2x A5 laminated information cards.

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