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  • Very rare Latvian trench mortar bomb based on the French de 58 T No1 the Lance Torpilles mortar lovely clean relic some original paintwork recovered in Latvia from the war of independence of 1918-1920.

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    This is a Very rare Latvian trench mortar bomb based on the French de 58 T No1 the Lance Torpilles mortar which is in fantastic condition for relic. The  the mortar bomb is empty and inert the whole bomb is semi- relic condition at worst it is very solid with some light pitting and still has some original white stamped maker marking on one side on the inside it has some original orange paintwork has been very nicely cleaned and still retains some of its original black finish very clear to see on the inside is lovely condition all original colours it is in very solid condition very rare to get one of these from the battlefield in this good a condition the top does screw on and off the base section but is very stiff and does not work very easily this large heavy mortar bomb is 32 inches long . This rare mortar bomb was recovered in Latvia used during the war of independence of 1918-1920 and comes with A5 laminated information card.

    Latvians fought together with the remains of the German army until the Germans staged a coup and turned against Latvians in April 1919. They wished to make Latvia a duchy subject to Germany, however the Latvian Army defeated the German forces at Cēsis in June 1919.Yet another attempt to subvert the independence of Latvia took place at the end of 1919. Former soldiers of German Empire and the Russian Empire were led by Colonel Bermondt against the outnumbered soldiers of the Provisional Government of Latvia. The Latvian drive for independence overcame the opponents who wished to resurrect the empires, as the Latvian Army achieved a victory on November 11, 1919. The army of Bermondt was driven out of Latvia by the end of the year. After that the Latvia had to deal with a Bolshevik invasion and coup, as well. Latvia was victorious in 1920 and the Peace Treaty between Latvia and Russia signed on August 11, 1920 finalized the War of Independence. With the treaty Soviet Russia renounced all claims to Latvia “in eternity”.

    Mortier de 58 T N°1 - Wikipedia