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  • 3X 20mm cannon cases with some maker marks and dates and ammunition belt links nice condition relics from German Focke wulf 190 number 170735 shot down by Allied fighters on the 15th June 1944 over Normandy it crashed near Falaise

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     This is a lovely relic from the air war over Normandy and the famous Focke Wulf 190. This is a group of 3 X 20mm cannon cases and ammunition belt links. The cases all have some maker markings dates on the bottom some clear to see others not very clear to see some retain there original brass colour remains and the links all retain some original colour one is rusty the others not to bad at all and are still very solid not braking up at all and have been very nicely cleaned and are lovely bits of aircraft perfect for display or any collection  This is a unusual group of parts to get in this nice condition that come from German Focke wulf 190 number 170735 shot down 15th June 1944 over Normandy. The cannon cases come with a A5 laminated information sheet with picture and details.

    German focke wulf 190 work number 170735 The Pilot Unteroffizier Horst Gabel was killed. The aircraft was shot down by Allied fighters on the 15th June 1944 during the air battles over Normandy and the plane crashed at Rabodanges south of Falaise.

    The Foce wulf 190 saw heavy action in the 1944 Normandy campaign. German fighters flew 760 sorties on 6 June 1944 against an Allied total of 14,000. By 10 June, the dearth of specialised ground attack aircraft forces meant the planes were ordered to install bomb racks for these types of operations. Just 24 hours later, the Focke wulf 190 units were asked to revert to air superiority roles again. With conflicting orders and harried by Allied air forces, losses were heavy. In the space of three weeks, 200 Focke wulf 190s and 100 pilots were lost to enemy action. Total losses by the end of June 1944 totalled 230 pilots killed and 88 wounded. 551 German fighters were shot down, with another 65 destroyed on the ground. A further 290 were damaged. In return, German pilots claimed 526 Allied aircraft destroyed.

    Focke Wulf FW 190 in flight | MilitaryImages.Net