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  • Russian 85mm brass shell case battle damaged dated 1944 fired by T34 tank recovered from the outskirts of the city of Budapest the December 1944-February 1945 battlefield

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    This is a Russian 85mm brass shell case which is fairly straight but does some damage with a crack in the bottom and the top has miss shaped after being fired other then that it is undamaged also has a lovely condition primer dated 1944. The case still retains some of its brass colour but is dirty and has discoloured due to being buried the markings on the bottom are fairly clear to see with the date 1944 on the case which is still very solid and perfect for display and rare to find from the battlefield especially in this condition it has been very well cleaned and is perfect for display or any collection. This shell case comes with a laminated A5 information sheet with information and photos. A very nice unusual rare relic from the outskirts of the city of Budapest the December 1944-February 1945 battle to capture the City.

    The Red Army had rapidly advanced across eastern Hungary by early December of 1944, and Hitler declared Budapest as a fortress that should be defended to the death of the last man standing, the Magyars were suddenly trapped between a fanatically desperate “ally” that forbade any evacuation and the Soviet Union’s overwhelming military might. The encirclement of Budapest was complete by December 26, yet the house-to-house battle continued until mid-February, by which point some 160,000 people were dead on both sides – including approximately 38,000 civilians. The Battle for Pest With its ring roads heavily defended in anticipation of the Red Army's arrival, Pest was initially well prepared to withstand the Soviet attack, but when Stalin's forces unexpectedly crossed the Danube to the south of the city and began attacking Buda from the west in mid-December 1944, many Pest-based German-Hungarian forces had to be relocated to Buda, weakening Pest's defensive lines and leading to its fall in mid-January 1945.

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