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    This is a German complete Field telephone model 33 still in its bakerlite case which is a rare find from the battlefield.This telephone  and bakerlite case still retain a lot of there original colours the phone still has original wiring attached there are all the maker markings and waffen stamped inside the box and on the inside of the lid does have some rust on the metal connectors as well on the outside the lid opens and closes also locks but is very stiff it has two labels on the top of the lid still with readable markings and has no real damage at all.The phone is still very solid perfect to display but with some dirt and muck from being stored for so many years it has been cleaned but would clean up more with effort and usual to find from the battlefield in this condition.The telephone was Found on a Farm just outside Mons left over from the surrender in the Mons pocket of September 1944 during the Allied summer advance in to Germany. This item comes with a A5 laminated information card.

    In late August and early September 1944, the Allies pressed the limits of their logistics in a race across France after striking victories in Normandy and Provence. With little notice, the U.S. First Army shifted the axis of its VII Corps' advance 90 degrees, enveloping enemy units in the vicinity of Mons, Belgium. In the first days of September 1994, the German army seemed defeated, the allies were in full pursuit and local resistance groups in France and Belgium came out of the hide outs.
    Against this background between the 2nd to the 4th of September the 2nd and 3th US Armoured Divisions surrounded no less than seven German Army Division (3 & 6 FJD, 18 LFD, 47, 275, 348, 712ID) in and around the Belgian city of Mons, some of these division were completely destroyed in this pocket. . Inside the pocket there was utter chaos, the Germans realizing that another disaster was developing rapidly took counter measures, Waffen SS units were halted and reversed to open the pocket again and to allow as many as possible to escape, nevertheless the 3th US Armoured Division captured 10.000 men and the 1st US Infantry Division that had the task to clean up the pocket took another 17.000 men POW, amongst the prisoners were three generals. Below German SS troops in and around Mons in September 1944


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