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  • Lovely condition and rare metal German 3 round propelling charges in ammunition crate with sand camouflage paintwork fired by 15cm SFH 18 field howitzer recovered from Museum closed down in 2015 on the battlefield at Monte Cassino in Italy

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    This is a rare German metal ammunition box for the 15CM SFH 18 field howitzer which held 3 cartridges and is complete with those shell cases all 3 are rusty but solid with a bit of damage nothing to bad they have been very well cleaned one is dated 1944 and all have a few faint markings but nothing much and they slide in and out of the case fairly easily and they are empty and inert. The metal made box is in semi relic condition the lid  and hinges work fine the locks are working but stiff it still has one of its metal carry handles and has a lot of original sand camouflage paintwork remains very clear to see also black stamped marking on the front it is in nice solid condition not falling apart but does have rust holes and rust damage on the lid but every where else is fine on the inside it has lots of original red paintwork remains again very clear to see it is unusual to get a nice example of this famous box still with its original contents recovered from the battlefield it has been very well cleaned and is perfect for display or any collection. The box and cartridges were recovered years ago from the battlefield around Monte Cassino in Italy and have been in a local Museum for many years until the Museum closed down in 2015 and all the items were sold off. A very nice a rare relic from the Battles around the Monte Cassino Hills and the famous Abbey. The box comes with 2xA5 laminated information cards.

    15 cm schwere Feldhaubitze 18 Field Gun | World War II Database