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  • German 75mm KwK 40 steel shell case solid relic condition fired by Sturmgeschutz 3 tank destroyer of the Whermacht 1st Panzer Army recovered from Valley of Death the battlefield of September-October 1944 in the Dukla Pass

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    This is a German complete battle damaged steel shell case 7.5cm KwK40 fired by Sturmgeschutz 3 assault gun or tank destroyer.The case which is in fairly nice condition for a relic with no markings on the bottom that can be seen but has bent over to one side on the bottom which is either impact hit or when fired in the breach .The case is rusty but solid and is in relic condition it has small rust holes all over the case no real big holes and a nice straight case other then the bottom .The case has been very well cleaned and is perfect for display or any collection. The shell case was recovered from the site of destroyed of German Sturmgeschutz 3 assault gun or tank destroyer of the Whermacht 1st Panzer Army recovered from the Valley of Death the battlefield of September-October 1944 in the Dukla Pass on the Polish-Slovakian border and comes with A5 laminated information card.

    The Battle of the Dukla Pass, also known as the Dukla, Carpatho–Dukla, Rzeszów–Dukla, or Dukla–Prešov offensive, was the battle for control over the Dukla Pass on the border between Poland and Slovakia on the Eastern Front the retreating German Army tried to stop the Russian advance West in September–October 1944. The German resistance by the 1st Panzer Army in the eastern Carpathian region was much stronger than expected. The battle which began on 8 September would not see the Soviet forces on the other side of the pass until 6 October, and German forces would stop their heavy resistance in the region only around 10 October. Five days to Prešov turned into fifty days to Svidník alone with over 70,000 casualties on both sides. Prešov that was to be reached in six days remained beyond the Czechoslovaks' grasp for four months. The battle would be counted among the bloodiest in the entire Eastern Front and the history of Slovakia; one of the valleys in the pass, near the villages of Kapišová, Chyrowa, Iwla and Głojsce, would become known as the "Valley of Death".

    German StuG III self-propelled gun, destroyed in the USSR