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  • German 76.2cm steel shell case for captured Russian gun named PAK36R by the Germans recovered from the Seelow Heights 1945 battle of Berlin

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    This is a German 76.2cm steel made case for captured Russian gun named PAK 36R by the Germans who made there own ammunition for these guns and this is German made one we think as it is steel made but could be Russian.The case which is in nice condition with some damage it is complete it is rusty from being buried in the battlefield but nice condition for a steel case.This case was recovered from the battlefield at the Seelow Heights in 1945 the opening battle for Berlin.A very nice relic in as found condition from this famous battlefield.

    The Battle of the Seelow Heights was part of the Seelow-Berlin Offensive Operation (16 April-2 May 1945). A pitched battle, it was one of the last assaults on large entrenched defensive positions of the Second World War. It was fought over three days, from 16–19 April 1945. Close to one million Soviet soldiers of the 1st Belorussian Front (including 78,556 soldiers of the Polish 1st Army), commanded by Marshal Georgi Zhukov, attacked the position known as the "Gates of Berlin". They were opposed by about 110,000 soldiers of the German 9th Army commanded by General Theodor Busse, as part of the Army Group Vistula.

    This battle is often incorporated into the Battle of the Oder-Neisse. The Seelow Heights was where some of the most bitter fighting in the overall battle took place, but it was only one of several crossing points along the Oder and Neisse rivers where the Soviets attacked. The Battle of the Oder-Neisse was itself only the opening phase of the Battle of Berlin.

    The result was the encirclement of the German 9th Army and the Battle of Halbe.

    .The 76-mm divisional gun M1936 (F-22) was semi-universal gun, adopted for red Army service from 1936.This gun was used in conflicts between the Russia and Japan in the Far East and widespread use on the Eastern Front against the German Army of which many were captured by the Wehrmacht and used as PAK 36R against the Russians and on the Western Front.

    The 7.62 cm FK 36(r) and Pak 36(r) (7.62 cm Feldkanone (Field gun)/36 (russisch) and Panzerabwehrkanone (Anti-tank gun) 36(russisch)) were German anti-tank guns used by the Wehrmacht in World War II. The first guns were conversions of the Soviet 76-mm divisional gun M1936 (F-22). Later in the war, the Soviet USV and ZiS-3 76 mm divisional guns were also converted.


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