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    This is a German Krigsmarine 88mm flak gun shell storage case which is dated 1937 and waffen stamped on the top catches .The tube is complete with its dark green Krigsmarine paint work with faint to see white stencilled marking on the side of it.The tin has a few dents on it but nothing major the lid still opens and closes and locks perfectly.On the inside of the tin again original paintwork on the underside of the lid it has original green paintwork very clear to see.The tube still has some fair amount of original green paint work about 50% of it the tube is overall in very nice condition with some rust heavy in a few places and some rust holes but still very rare to find from the battlefield in such good condition.The tube was recovered  from near Saint Malo part of the Atlantic wall on the French coast the tube would have been used on one the guns in the fortifications on the wall the town its self was occupied by troops of the 7th Army the battle was fought in August 1944 during allied advance from Normandy.

    The town was occupied by the Germans as part of fortress Saint Malo. Its strategic position on the road to Saint Malo and the presence of the airport made it an important element of the German defence in Brittany .The American 83 infantry Division attacked Saint Malo and it was the American 126th Infantry Regiment which attacked Pleurtuit its self the battle for the liberation of the town lasted a couple of days after heavy fighting. The battle for the walled city Saint Malo and the fortress positions began on August 4 1944 Allied intelligence had believed that there were 1000 German soldiers holed up in the area enclosed by the old walls and had bombed it heavily, however, when the city surrendered on August 14 only 83 German soldiers were taken prisinor. The commander of Fortress Saint-Malo, Colonel Von Aulock, surrendered all German forces in the area on August 17th, 1944. Most of the German troops in the area where the remnants of the 77th Infantry Division which were badly beaten in Normandy they were involved in the heavy fighting around the port and were so further decimated that on August 15 the division ceased to exist. The infantry division was only formed on 15 January 1944 in the town of Munsingen they were sent to Normandy as part of the 7th Army.


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