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    German Krigsmarine spare parts box number 2 for periscope replacement parts used on U-Boats.The box is in very nice condition the wood still retains its original blue paint work not all but about 80% of it and is a very solid crate with a lot of original colour and is very rare to find this nicely preserved has its original war time label on the front of the lid perfectly readable but is missing other label on top of the lid.This crate has all its hinges in nice condition and work also still has its cloth retainer to hold the lip open inside again label missing but nice clean box the wood still its original colour the lid still opens and closes perfectly the lock is missing but still has both its metal carry handles overall it has no real damage and is a very nice example of this very rare to find u-boat crate which is 19 inches long by 13 inches wide.The crate was found on a local brocante in Rennes it would have been used in one of the U-boat bases on French coast which attacked the Atlantic convoys. 

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