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  • German soldier of the 7th Panzer Division M16 helmet double decal,original paintwork,battle damaged recovered from the battle at Arras fought on 21st May 1940 during battle of France

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    This is a German soldiers M16 helmet re issued and used in the second world war the soldier would have been part of General Rommel's 7th Panzer Division.The helmet still with some dark green paintwork remains it has been very well cleaned as is perfect for display or any collection. The helmet still has a far bit of paintwork on the outside and on the inside it has major battle damage a large blast crack and chunk missing the front rim it looks like the helmet has been in an explosion the rim has ripped clean off it does still have its liner ring with chin strap holders but no leather liner or chin strap but the very rare bit the remains of both decals not much showing but you can see a little bit to know it is a double decal Army helmet which is rusty but solid and not braking up or crumbling and is still a very solid relic and rare to get in such nice condition with paintwork and decals from the this particular battlefield.The helmet was recovered from the battlefield near Arras fought on or around the 21st May 1940 during the site of the Allied counter attack against the German 7th Panzer Division during the invasion.

    The battle of Arras on the 21st May was an Allied counter-attack against the flank of the German Army,near the town of Arras in North-Eastern France.The German forces were pushing North under Rommel towards the channel coast,to trap the Allied forces that had advanced in to Belgium.The counter-attack at Arras was an Allied attempt to cut through the German armoured spearhead and frustrate the German advance.The Anglo-French attack made early gains and panicked some German units but was repulsed after an advance of up to 6.2 miles and forced to withdraw after dark to avoid encirclement.General Rommel noted in his diary that his division had lost 89 men killed, 116 wounded and 173 men missing and captured, as many as the first four days of operations,which included the Meuse crossing,although 90 of themissing returned to their units. But later records show the 7th Panzer Division loss nine medium and several light Tanks,378 men killed or wounded and 173 missing.The British records show almost 400 Germans taken prisoner and the British lost around 100 men killed or wounded in the attack, it is unknown how many French soldiers became casualties in the engagement.The French lost 60 of the 88 Tanks that went in to the attack. 

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    German soldiers in France May 1940