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  • German soldiers steel helmet solid relic condition taken from prisoner of war dumped then recovered from the sea of the Normandy coast from the D-Day landings and the battles of June and July 1944 in France

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    This is a very rare find from the battlefield a German soldiers steel helmet completely in the condition it was found still covered in sea shells,sand,dirt and muck from the sea bed. The helmet still retains its famous shape it is still very solid and not braking up or crumbling it is in lovely condition for a relic recovered from the sea and very rare to find. This helmet is relic and is perfect to display or any collection. It was a German soldiers prisoner of war helmet dumped in the sea then recovered from the sea which is off the Normandy coast from the D-Day landings on the 6th June and June -July 1944 battles, This is part of a group of items all recovered by a Royal Navy Diver in the 1970-1980s and comes with a A5 laminated information card with pictures of him in the navy and pictures of Normandy in 1944.

    This item along with many other items were recovered in the 1970’s-1980’s by Royal Naval diver Ron King who recovered these items from the sea bed in to his private collection where they have been ever since and are now available for the first time since there recovery. Photos on the card are of Ron in the Royal Navy taken in front of HMS Hampshire the county class destroyer he served on.

    This item is, as is clearly visible, still covered in shells and sand. It will be posted in bubble wrap, and as securely packed as possible. However, it may not arrive in the exact condition as seen in the pictures; this is because some of the shells and sand may displace and come off. If this causes you a problem and spoils the item for you, then we would encourage you not to buy. we can of course hold, for collection or arrange to meet up at a show to make delivery. Delivery is possible, if local (within 25 mile radius) 


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