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  • German soldiers complete dog tag aluminium made early war tag 3rd company Infantry Regiment 539 in the 385th infantry Division recovered near the Stalingrad battlefield 1942-1943 in Russia

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    This is a German soldiers complete dog tag which is for the 3rd company Infantry Regiment 539 in the 385th infantry Division part of the 8th Army corps of the Wehrmacht which were completely destroyed in the battle. This is a aluminium made early war production tag this is the complete dog tag it is in very nice solid condition for a relic with its markings pretty much completely readable it still retains a lot of its original colour but it is a bit dirty and damaged from being buried it has been nicely cleaned and is perfect for display or any collection and a very nice tag from this very famous eastern front battlefield. The dog tag was recovered from the battlefield near Stalingrad the 1942-1943 battle in Russia which was the destruction of the German 6th Army this soldier was part the relief effort that got close to Stalingrad where the tag was recovered. The tag comes from a very large private collection of dog tags recovered some many years ago from all over Europe from most of the fronts fought on by the German Army in World War 2.

    3/ Infantry Regiment 539 dogtag – Infantry regiment 539 was subordinated to the 385th Infantry Division in the 8th Army corps that got destroyed at Stalingrad. This division was formed in 1942 and fought exclusively on the Eastern Front, initially with the 4th Army on the front lines in the Fomino area. It also took part in the German offensive in 1942 and crossed the rivers Tim and and Keschen but was eventually stopped on July 6th. Moving onto the defensive. The division was soon replaced with the 88th infantry division and redeployed to the battle of Werieka, alongside the 9th Panzer. The division then attacked the ridge at Novopawlowka and took it however was then pushed on the defensive again. The unit was eventually dissolved by the 8th army during the Russian counterattack at Stalingrad.


    German soldiers dog tag blank unused zinc made recovered from Berlin 1945  battle in the last days of the Reich | Relics from the Front