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  • German soldiers M40 helmet with decal remains, liner ring recovered from the Battle of Overloon fought in Holland in 1944

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    This is a German soldiers M40 helmet with Army decal remains which can be seen very faintly but is there the liner ring is complete and in very nice condition and does have a chin strap holder in place.The helmet does not have much paintwork on it also has a blast damage crack on the top of it the helmet is still covered in muck and dirt from the recovery so a very nice as found condition helmet the helmet is rusty but solid.This helmet was recovered from the late 1944 battlefield of Overloon in the Netherlands which was the bloodiest battle of Dutch soil in the war. A very nice relic Army helmet from this famous battlefield.

    The Battle of Overloon was a battle fought between Allied forces and the German Army which took place in and around the village of Overloon in the south-east of the Netherlands between 30 September and 18 October 1944. The battle, which resulted in an Allied victory, ensued after the Allies launched Operation Aintree. The Allies went on to liberate the town of Venray.

    The battle of Overloon ensued as the Allies in Operation Aintree advanced from nearby positions south toward the village of Overloon. After a failed attack on Overloon by the U.S. 7th Armored Division, the British 3rd Infantry Division and the British 11th Armoured Division took over. The U.S. 7th Armored Division was moved south of Overloon to the Deurne – Weert area. Here they were attached to the British Second Army, and ordered to make demonstration attacks to the east in order to divert enemy forces from the Overloon and Venlo areas.

    Suffering heavy losses the British captured Overloon and moved towards Venray. The advance on Venray resulted in heavy losses, especially around the Loobeek creek, which was swollen due to heavy autumn rains and was flooded and mined by the Germans. Casualties were heavy here among the 1st Battalion, Royal Norfolk Regiment which was serving in 185th Infantry Brigade of the British 3rd Division. During the battle, the village of Overloon was destroyed. In and around Overloon, some 2,500 soldiers died, making it one of the bloodiest battles in the Netherlands during the Second World War. Dozens of tanks, mainly American, were destroyed.


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