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  • Rare to find German spring mines,bouncing betty bomb transport box container Number 323 with original paintwork remains used by 46th Panzer Corps recovered near Gnilets attacked by them on 5th July 1943 during the attack on the Kursk salient

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    This is a rare German spring mines also known as bouncing betty bomb transport box container Number 323 which is pretty much complete. The lid is not attached to the box by the hinges but has been wired on it is in relic condition it is rusty but still solid the inside still retains a lot of its original red paintwork clear to see on the outside some clear to see sand camouflage paintwork mostly on the lid sides it has no maker markings that can be seen and one of the locks is broken. The box with some rust holes on it and rust damage but still has its carry rack inside and has its carry handle on the box but retains some of its original colours and has been very well cleaned perfect for display or any collection and a nice and rare find from this very famous battlefield which comes with 2x A5 laminated information cards with pictures. The box would have been used by the 46th Panzer Corps as it was recovered near the Village of Gnilets attacked by them during the opening offensive of operation citadel on 5th July 1943 during the attack on the Northern side of the Kursk salient from 5th July-12th July 1943 in Russia.

    The German 46th Panzer Corps participated in the invasion of Yugoslavia. The Corps was created as the XXXXVI Army Corps and converted to a Panzer Corps on 21 June 1942.The Panzer Corps took part in Operation Barbarossa and fought in Kiev,Putyvl, Vyazma and Volokolamsk. It later fought in Rusa-Volokolamsk, Rzhev, Vyazma and Yelnya before taking part in operation citadel the battle of Kursk in July 1943 it was commanded by Major General Hans Zorn. It retired to the Svin area in September 1943.


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