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  • German wooden carry crate which dated 1943 with shell cases dated 1944 for 15cm SIG 33 heavy infantry gun recovered near Bastogne in the Ardennes Forest from the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944,crate comes from the Kurland Pocket

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    This is a brown stained with nice black stamped markings German Wooden ammunition crate for 15cm SIG 33 heavy infantry gun complete with its 2 separate shell cases still inside these are cleaned relic ones. The box is in very nice condition the wood still retains all of its original brown finish the wood is in fantastic condition is still very solid not braking up or falling apart and no wood worm either still rare to find this nicely preserved the box has some of its original war time stamped black ink markings only on the front it is maker marked and has both both hinges by one of the hinges is the remains of a paperwork it in nice condition and the lock still works it still has its wooden carry handle a nice example of this famous ammunition crate. Inside this crate are 2 recovered German steel shell cases which were used in this crate both of them have some markings that can be seen. The cases are in lovely condition for recovered steel cases very few rust holes or damage they are rusty but solid all of them have been very nicely cleaned and are perfect to display or any collection. This shells were fired by German 15cm SIG 33 heavy infantry gun these cases were recovered in the area of the battle on the Longvilly road near Bastogne. The crate comes from the Priekule area in the Kurland Pocket the battlefield of 1944-1945.This area was defended by the 11th SS Panzer Grenadier Division Nordland during the battle in Latvia.

    A very nice relic from this famous battle and Hitler's last big offensive of the war and the Kurland pocket. This crate and cases come with a laminated A5 information sheets with information and photos. 

    The battle on the Longvilly road took place on the 19th December 1944 when an American force under Colonel Cherry came under attack by German Panzer Lehr Division along the road between Longvilly and Bastogne the Americans lost around 200 vehicles in the battle.

    The 15 cm sIG 33 (schweres Infanterie Geschütz 33, lit. "Heavy Infantry Gun") was the standard German heavy infantry gun used in the Second World War. It was the largest weapon ever classified as an infantry gun by any nation. Its weight made it difficult to use in the field, and the gun was increasingly adapted to various ad hoc mobile mountings. It was used from the beginning of the war until the end in 1945 and around 4600 of them were built.

    15-cm Heavy Infantry Howitzer: German Infantry Weapons, WWII Military  Intelligence Service, Special Series No. 14, May 25, 1943 (