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  • Airframe section with near all original paintwork with melted heat cover or tyre on it from German Heinkel 111 bomber shot down on the 16th August 1940 and crashed at Northchapel during the battle of the Britain

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    This is a unusual part to find from German Heinkel 111 bomber shot down during the battle of Britain. This is a aluminium airframe section with near all its original green paintwork which has melted round it a section of heat cover from the engine surround or a section of tyre from one of the planes undercarriage wheels hard to tell which as it has melted in the heat of the fire after the plane crashed. The part still retains a lot of its original colours it has been very well cleaned and is in nice solid condition and it has ripped and damaged by the impact of the crash but is perfect for display or any collection the part is 10-4 inches in size. The part comes from German Heinkel 111 bomber shot down and crashed on the 16th August 1940 during the battle of the Britain. A very nice part with fire damage from the famous battle of Britain and German Heinkel 111 bomber perfect for display and comes with a A5 laminated information sheet with a picture of the crash site in 1940.

    German Heinkel 111 bomber of 4/KG55 flown Hauptmann W.Sabler who was Staffelkapitan the plane was shot down at 4.55pm on the 16th August 1940 during the battle of Britain.

    The plane was shot down by Pilot Officer A.V Clowes and Pilot officer G.E Goodman of Number 1 Hurricane Squadron during a mission to bomb Heathrow airfield also attacked by RAF spitfires of number 602 Squadron. The plane crashed with a full bomb load and with a tremendous explosion blasted a large crater in to the field at Upper Frithfold Farm in Northchapel near Petworth.None of the crew were able to escape the doomed bomber the crew were Hauptmann W.Sabler, Feldwebel E.Muller,Feldwebel W.Magerhans, Gefreiter A.Szymanowski and Unteroffizier E.Schmidtke were all killed only one of the crew could be identified Feldwebel E.Muller. The plane was excavated in 1973 by Tangmere Military Aviation Museum Group. 

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