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  • Spark plug with maker markings from the Daimler Benz engine from German Messerschmitt 109 number 4076 flown by Oberleutnant Eckehard Priebe shot down, 31st August 1940, crashed at Elham during the battle of Britain

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    This is a nice clean engine part from a battle of Britain German fighter. The part which is a spark plug with pipe fittings from the hart of Daimler Benz engine it is maker marked BOSCH it has been very well cleaned and still retains a lot of its original colour the parts is 4 inches long and is perfect for display or any collection. The part comes from German Messerschmitt 109 number 4076 flown by Oberleutnant Eckehard Priebe Staffel Kapitan was shot down on the 31st August 1940 and crashed at Elham. A very nice engine relic from the famous battle of Britain and German Messerschmitt 109. The item comes with a A5 laminated information sheet. 

    Messerschmitt BF109E-1 work number 4076 shot down during the Battle of Britain at 9.30am on the 31st August 1940 the pilot on his first mission in the Battle.

    The pilot was Oberleutnant Eckehard Priebe Staffel Kapitan, and with I./JG 77 Priebe participated in Blitzkrieg operations in May and June, in France. Oberleutnant. Priebe gained his second and third victories. First, he downed a French Morane MS.406 on May 15th at 1455h over Dinant. His third and last came on the evening of May 19th over Cambrai. Priebe’s 2. Staffel tangled with eight Hurricanes. Priebe and Mütherich managed one Hurricane each, but Priebe was wounded and his plane Red ‘1’ was damaged. Oblt Priebe this finished his combat in France. Getting back into intensive combat occurred in August 1940, in the middle of the Battle of Britain. The first combat against the defenders of Great Britain on August 31st resulted in the capture of Oberleutnant Eckehard Priebe Staffel Kapitan. During late morning fighting, his Messerschmitt number 4076 suffered a gun problem. In combat over the Thames, he tried to disengage, but had Spitfires bearing down on him from behind. Eventually, he bailed out of his heavily damaged plane over Elham. It was a black day for E.Priebe Janke’s unit over the course of several combat flights, it lost seven machines and six pilots.

    Messerschmitt Bf 109 | The Battle of Britain Historical Timeline