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  • German soldiers of the 311th Flak battalion M40 steel helmet,double decal and all of its original paintwork clear to see found with Tiger 1 tank parts recovered from a Lake East of Bastogne from battle of the Bulge winter 1944-1945

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    This is a German Soldier probably of the 311th Flak battalion M40 pattern Helmet which has no leather liner left but does pretty much all of its dark blue paintwork very clear to see on the inside and outside also has its size stamp 72 inside and has what looks like a white painted 7 on the back.The helmet has been very well cleaned to make the paintwork stand out the even rarer bit both of its decals that can be seen the eagle and swastika one of the best i have ever seen on a relic helmet these helmets are very rare to find with the amount of paintwork and the decals unbelievable. The helmet is rusty all over with 2 large rust holes in the top but none any where else it is still covered in some dirt and silt from the lake bed this is what has help protect the helmet so well it is overall in a good and solid condition not braking up or falling apart at all and is perfect for display or any collection.This helmet was recovered with tiger 1 tank parts from a Lake East of Bastogne from battle of the Bulge in the winter of 1944-1945.Due to the very low number of Tiger 1 tanks in the battle it is very easy to work out what units all the equipment came from recovered in this area.The helmet comes with a A5 laminated information card and picture. 

    German relics all found with Tiger 1 tank parts from a tank in the only Wehrmacht unit with Tiger 1 tanks in the whole battle and offensive 14 of them most were destroyed.They were in the 4th Company of Schwere Panzer Abteilung 506 also the 26th Volksgrenadier Division and elements of the Panzer Lehr Division were there and the 311th Flak battalion were with them in this area during the battle and the encirclement of Bastogne over Christmas 1944.


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