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  • Italian ammunition box with desert camouflage paintwork and named on the lid captured by the British and brought back from North Africa by a British soldier as a storage box rare 1939-1943 Desert war relic

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    Italian ammunition box with desert camouflage paintwork most of the inside paint is there the outside probably 50% is there. The box is named on lid in white paint to an Italian officer who obviously owned it and was captured. The box is complete with working hinges also both carry handles and the lock is there in place as well the box is a large size 24 inches long by 12 inches wide.The box was captured by a British soldier fighting in the 8th Army in North Africa against the Afrikakorps and the Italians he brought back to England as a storage box for his uniform and other items.A very rare item from the Desert war in North Africa 1939-1943.

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