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  • Airframe sections and engine parts with paintwork remains from RAF Hurricane P2728 shot down during combat over Kent and crashed in Goudhurst on the 9th September 1940 during the battle of Britain.

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    This is a nice group of large sections of airframe and engine parts which are 4 aluminium airframe sections and 3 sections of mag allow engine case. There is some green and black paintwork remains on the airframe bits and black paint on the mag allow bits also a lot of original colour on all the parts and they have ripped and bent by the impact of the crash they are still very solid not braking up or falling apart the parts have been very well cleaned but are still a bit dirty from the recovery but they are perfect for display or any collection the parts are 3-4 inches long in size and rare to get larger parts from a battle of Britain Hurricane in this condition. The parts come from RAF Hurricane P2728 shot down during combat over Kent and crashed in Goudhurst on the 9th September 1940 during the battle of Britain. A very nice group of relics from the famous battle of Britain Hurricane .The parts come with a A5 laminated information sheet and rare larger size and nicer parts of Battle of Britain hurricane.

    RAF Hurricane P2728 shot down during combat over Mayfield area the plane crashed at Bockingfold Farm in Goudhurst at 5.30pm on 9th September 1940.This plane was flown by pilot officer George.J.Drake he was killed in the crash and remained buried with his plane until 21st May 1972 when both were recovered he was re buried at Brookwood Military Cemetery on 22nd November 1972.

    On Monday 9th September, at about 5 pm, a force of 300+ enemy aircraft with fighter escort crossed the South Coast in order to fly up the Thames Estuary to bomb London for the second successive night. Twenty four squadrons of the RAF were ordered to intercept this raid by Sir Keith Park of 11 Group. At 1730 hrs 607 Squadron flying Hurricanes from Tangmere made their first contact with the Luftwaffe over Mayfield in Kent. They lined up in formation and went in before the fighter escorts could come down on them. S/Ldr. Vick was leading the patrol of twelve aircraft at 17000 feet and reported that he saw about 60/70 Ju88’s and Do17’s flying north in several formations of five in a V formation. As the squadron turned to attack the bombers a force of about 40/50 Me109’s dived at them from 19000 feet. Blue Section was ordered to attack the bombers from underneath with Green Section carrying out a rearguard action, whilst Red and Yellow Sections (P/O Drake Yellow 3) were to attack the fighters. During the ensuing dogfights P/O Drake flying Hurricane P 2728 was shot down and killed along with P/O Parnell and P/O Lenahan, whilst Sergeants Lansdell, Spyer, and Burnell-Philips were wounded.


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