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  • Group of airframe, engine parts and bullet heads, nice clean relics from German JU88 Bomber work number 8095 shot down crashed and burnt out near Dorking on the 27th September 1940

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    This is a large group of parts which are 3 sections of airframe with paintwork remains .There is also 7 engine parts mag allow case still with some with original black paintwork and some internal parts electrical and screw caps and 4 7.92mm machine gun bullet heads the base sections still there brass colour from one of the planes MG15 machine guns. The parts most of which still retain some original colour they are very clean not perfect but good they have ripped and smashed by the the impact of the crash but are still very solid the parts are 2-7 inches long and in perfect condition for display or any collection.  These very nice pretty much identifiable parts were recovered from German JU88 Bomber work number 8095 shot down crashed and burnt out near Dorking on the 27th September 1940. A nice group of parts from the famous battle of Britain and German JU88 bomber.They come with a A5 laminated information sheet with pictures.

    German JU88 Bomber work number 8095 from 2 Staffell (Kampfgeschwader 77) and carried the markings of 3Z+HK which was part of a large raid over London when it was attacked and shot down by RAF fighters it crashed and burnt out near Dorking on the 27th September 1940.

    Pilot: Unteroffizier Rudolf Schumann 55511/7
    Observer: Unteroffizier Hans Tenholt 55511/22 born 15 March 1912 in Bochum
    Radio Operator: Unteroffizier Wilhelm Menningmann 55511/28 born 19 September 1916 
    Gunner: Unteroffizier Albert Ackermann 55511/40 born 3 December 1914 in Reichen i.schles

    The plane was initially hit in the starboard engine and then, when in the area of Esher, it was hit in the port engine. This ties in with a claim by Canadian pilot Gordon Roy McGregor. Once hit over Esher, 3Z+HK is known to have headed south, as if making for the coast. It flew over Leatherhead and then Dorking while the pilot, struggled to maintain control. When he realized the situation was hopeless, Schumann ordered the three other crew to bale out. Schumann, Ackerman and Tenholt managed to parachute down safely, although two of them were slightly injured. All three were captured - one at Bradley Farm, just outside Dorking (this is possibly near the current Bradley House, Bradley Lane, north of Dorking), another at Scammell's Farm, Blackbrook (Blackbrook House is SSE of Dorking), and the third one near the Norfolk Arms, Mid Holmwood (south of Dorking). Although Menningmann managed to get out of the crippled bomber, it is believed he died when his parachute buckle failed. His body was located at the sewage works in Leatherhead (well north of Dorking) and his parachute floated down to land at Holmwood Park, North Holmwood. it is probable that Menningmann baled out first while the aircraft was near Leatherhead (although it seems surprising that his parachute floated some 10km further south - possible if he left the aircraft at a reasonable altitude It is likely that the pilot, Schumann, was the last out. All three survivors ended up as POWs.


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