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  • German SS Single decal M35 pattern steel helmet with decal and paintwork remains used by soldier in 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking recovered from water in Sochau near the town of Furstenfeld in Austria 1945 battle

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    This is a German SS Single decal M35 pattern steel helmet with decal remains on the right hand side only and white backed decal so can only be SS as they had there decal on the right where the Wehrmacht had the decal on the left and is not a double decal army because is definitely not 3 colour shield so has to be single decal SS. The helmet which has no leather liner left but does have parts of its liner ring and also a lot of its green paintwork very clear to see on the inside and outside. The helmet has been very well cleaned to make the paintwork stand out these helmets are very rare to find with the amount of paintwork it is rusty all over with only a few small rust holes in one side but with a lot of rust damage around the edges the helmet has been well cleaned but does still have ingrained some dirt and silt from the lake or river bed this is what has help protect the helmet so well it is overall in a good and solid condition not braking up or falling apart at all and is perfect for display or any collection. This helmet is a very rare to find battlefield helmet especially in this condition fantastic for a recovered 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking relic. The helmet comes with a A5 laminated information sheet with pictures.

    The helmet was recovered from water either a lake,river or stream[the precise location is not being shared at the moment due to the request of the person who recovered the item] it is in the area of the municipality of Sochau near the town of Furstenfeld in Austria where on 12th May 1945 the German 5th SS Panzer  Division Wiking  along with the remnants of other German units surrendered to the Americans at the end of the war. This item was used by the SS Wiking Division for 100% sure because 5th SS Panzer  Division Wiking was the only SS troops there. Also there were some other troops who were there as well shattered remnants of other units but not that many in number.

    German 5th SS Panzer  Division Wiking in Febuary 1944 the Wiking was the only armoured unit in the Cherkassy Pocket. The Wiking managed to break out of the pocket by cooperating with the 5th SS attack brigade Wallonien and the battalion Narwa, which were the attacking units. The division, which had suffered great losses and had only about one thousand men and no vehicles left after the battles, was sent to be reorganized. From July to December 1944 the division once again had rough battles in Poland, on the Vistula front. In August 1944 the division had 151 tanks and 19 attack cannons, but the attack still failed.

    In January 1945 the division was sent to Hungary, where it tried to break into the besieged Budapest. They fought and retreated at the same time from Stühlweissenburg to Fürstenfeld in Czech, where the division surrendered on May 12, 1945 in the Radstadt area.Below pictures are troops from the 5th SS Panzer  Division Wiking and there badge.


    Panzergrenadiers of SS division Wiking in the battle for Kovel5th SS Panzer Division Wiking - Wikipedia