Relics from the Front Since 2010
  • French 75mm brass shell case dated 1916,primer dated 1940 re used as the PAK 97/38 anti-tank gun used by the German Army gun this case fully re stamped in German markings dated 1943 it was recovered in area of Hill 262 or Mont Ormel in Normandy 1944



    This is a very rare find in this condition from the battlefield a French 75mm brass shell case dated 1918 and the primer is dated 1940 used famously in world war 1 these guns were captured by the Germans after the fall of France in 1940 then re used by the German army as the PAK 97/38 anti-tank gun. The case still with all of its markings on the bottom that can be seen but the very rare bit is this case is fully re stamped in German black ink markings dated 1943 and with all the black stripes and markings fairly to see not totally clear .The case is complete but partly damaged on the top neck it does not retain its shiny original brass colour it has discoloured and is a bit dirty from being buried it is in very nice condition for a battlefield recovered case and very rare to find one of these captured cases in use with Germans recovered from the battlefield. The case was recovered from around the area of Hill 262 or Mont Ormel as it is known the area was defended by the remnants of 20 German infantry and panzer divisions during battle in the Falaise Pocket in Normandy on the August 1944 Battlefield. The case comes with a A5 laminated information sheet with photos. 

    The team of the German PaK 97/38 anti-tank gun