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  • Large airframe section,3 small sections and engine case with some paintwork from RAF Hurricane P3215,Squadron leader Terence Gunion Lovell Gregg shot down on 15th August 1940,Dorset

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    This is a group of 3 aluminium airframe parts some with green paint remains and a large metal airframe joint which has lots of clear to see green paintwork still on and a larger size section of mag allow engine case with black paint remains.The parts have ripped,smashed and bent by the impact of the crash the large airframe part is rusty and a few parts still riveted together and still solid most of the parts still retain a lot of original colour and have been very well cleaned perfect for display or any collection the parts are 4-17 inches long in size and unusual to get such nice group of battle of Britain Hurricane parts especially from this particular Hurricane .The parts come from RAF Hurricane P3215 shot down on 15th August 1940 over Dorset. A very nice group of relics from the famous battle of Britain Hurricane .The group comes with a A5 laminated information sheet with photograph of the pilot . 

    RAF Hurricane P3215 of 87 Squadron, 10 group the pilot Squadron leader Terence Gunion Lovell Gregg aged 27 he was shot down on 15th August 1940 the plane was on a sortie Intercepting an incoming German raid on Portland, Dorset.

    Raf number 87 squadron was scrambled at 5.30pm on the 15th August to intercept forty Ju87 stuka dive bombers, escorted by twenty Messerschmitt Me110’s and sixty Messerschmitt bf109’s. Lovell-Gregg led the squadron out of the sun in line-astern, straight at the ME 110’s. His Hurricane was hit and caught fire. He came down from 15000 feet, apparently under control and heading for Warmwell. Eye-witnesses said that the pilot appeared to change his mind and he circled the Abbotsbury area, skimmed low across a wood and a ploughed field and crashed in a copse, striking a large oak tree. Lovell-Gregg was thrown clear but was already dead when reached.He is buried in Holy Trinity churchyard, Warmwell.


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