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  • Fantastic condition German battle damaged M35 double decal steel helmet worn by soldier of the 6th Panzer division recovered near the town of Cassel the battle fought from 27th until 30th of May 1940 part of the Dunkirk pocket perimeter in France.

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    This is a German M35 pattern Helmet which has no leather liner left but has a lot of its green paintwork very clear to see on the inside and outside but near all on the outside of the paint is there and the remains of its 3 colour shield decal clear to see what is there but there is not that much of it left though. The helmet which has battle damage blast impact cracks in the top it is missing part of its rim and partly miss shaped all impact hit but has been very well cleaned and preserved which a mixture of acids and rust preservation to make the paintwork stand out and permeant to see no more cleaning needed these helmets are very rare to find with the amount of paintwork it has no real rust left this has all been treated in the clean up process it is overall in a very good and solid condition not braking up or falling apart at all and is perfect for display or any collection and so very rare to get in this condition with so much paintwork. This helmet worn by soldier of the 6th Panzer division recovered from the outskirts of the town of Cassel the battle which was fought from 27th until 30th of May 1940. This battle was part of the Dunkirk pocket perimeter fought around the port during the evacuation of May-June 1940 in France. The helmet comes with 2x A5 laminated information sheets with pictures.

    As the 6th Panzer Division, it participated in the 1940 Battle of France. The division contained a single panzer regiment, the Panzer-Regiment 11, which in turn contained three Abteilungen, or battalions. The 11th Regiment was equipped with 75 Czech-built Panzer 25t tanks, which proved efficient but difficult to maintain because the maintenance manuals were in Czech rather than German, and spare parts were less readily supplied and harder to easily requisition as a result. Furthermore, there were 6 Befehlspanzer 35(t), which were a subtype of the 35(t) designed for military commanders, as well as 45 panzer 2 and 27 panzer 4 tanks.

    The division was part of the German advance to the English Channel through Belgium. It then swung back towards the French-Swiss border before relocating to Eastern Prussia in September 1940 where it remained until June 1941.


    France, 1940, near the Champs Élysées, a group of German soldier has been  awarded of the Iron Cross 2nd class. | Ikinci dünya savaşı, Dünya tarihi,  Dünya savaşı