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  • Fantastic condition M35 steel helmet all original paintwork used by soldier of the 15th Luftwaffe field division recovered from the Mius River north of Taganrog defended by them during fighting outside Rostov in February- July 1943 near Stalingrad.

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    This is a very rare to find German Luftwaffe M35 pattern Helmet which has no leather liner left it is not relic really more semi-relic at worst it has most of its original blue paintwork on the inside but outside the blue paint has in places its war time overpaint in Luftwaffe field green paintwork very clear to see on the outside and on the inside it has possibly some sort of decal remains but hard to tell as that side has a hole in it looks like impact damage hole right where the decal was. The helmet which on the inside still has maker marks and size stamp 66 which is still smooth to the touch all over with no rust or any other damage or holes it has been very well cleaned and preserved which a mixture of acids and rust preservation to make the paintwork stand out and permeant to see no more cleaning needed these helmets are very rare to find with the amount of paintwork it has no real rust left just some very light on the inside most of the rust has all been treated in the clean up process it is overall in a very good and solid condition not braking up or falling apart at all and is perfect for display or any collection and so very rare to get in this condition with so much paintwork and this wonderful condition. This helmet was worn by soldier of the 15th Luftwaffe field division properly one of the ground crew helmets re used in the field division as its a M35 re paint recovered from the battlefield at the Mius River north of Taganrog the area defended by them during fighting outside the City of Rostov in February- July 1943 South of Stalingrad. The helmet comes with 3xA5 laminated information sheets with pictures.

    The newly formed 15th Luftwaffe field division took up a position along the Mius River front in early 1943.This Division also known as Division Sudost was organized at the front from airforce personnel already stationed in Southern Russia and from the remnants of the 7th Luftwaffe field Division. To command the new division Generalleutnant Sprang the former chief of the Luftwaffe weather service in Berlin he arrived in early 1943.With only a minimum of training the division fought around the Rostov area in early January and suffered heavily under Russian assaults. On the 15th February 1943 they pulled back to the Mius River North of Taganrog which is the area they defended for around 6 months. The division in April 1943 received a artillery regiment from France the division fought many battles in the area until July 1943 when the division was finally surrounded by the Russians, but broke out leaving most of its heavy weapons behind. Hauptmann Eitel in the 15th Luftwaffe field division won a posthumous Knights Cross leading 30th Luftwaffe Jäger regiment through enemy lines to the safety of the German lines.


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