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    This is a massive section of silk parachute still with a lot of string lines attached the silk does have some burn marks from the fire after the plane crashed the section is has ripped teared but is nice and solid and a cracking condition relic it is roughly 60 inches long in size very rare to get a section of parachute this large from a crash site.The section comes from RAF Halifax bomber LL280 shot down and crashed on the 8th May 1944 while on a drop for the French Resistance. A rare and sad crew members relic from a RAF Halifax bomber lost over occupied Europe.The item comes with a A5 laminated information sheet with information and photos. 



    RAF Halifax bomber LL280 code NF-0 of 138 Special Operations Executive Squadron which was shot down by night fighter on drop to French resistance on the 7th-8th May 1944.

    The plane of 138 Squadron based at RAF Tempsford, Bedfordshire. A Squadron that was assigned to “Special Operations Executive” or SOE as it was known which carried out the delivery of agents, and the retrieval of agents to and from France as well as supply drops to the Resistance or Marquis freedom fighters in occupied Europe. The Halifax for took off from RAF Tempsford bound for France on a supply dropping mission also carrying an SOE agent code named Joe.The Halifax was attacked by the nighterfighter and crashed at Saint-Denis d’Orgues in Sarthe 40km WNW of Le Mans. All the crew and the agent were killed and are buried in Le Mans cemetery which has the graves of the 7 crew with headstones giving their detail. There is an 8th grave marked "An Airman of the 1939 - 1945 war" which has the same date of death which is the agent Joe. The crew were Wing Commander W Mcf Russell DFC, Flight sergeant G.Cable and the rest were all Flight Officers D.Brown, B P.Mcgonagle, J A. Armour, A F Bryce and N. Simister.

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    Massive section of silk parachute with lines from RAF Halifax bomber LL280 shot down and crashed on the 8th May 1944 while on a drop for the French Resistance