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  • British sten gun magazine not complete with some original black paintwork remains, well cleaned relic recovered from the Bourguebus ridge captured by the British and Canadians during Operation Goodwood ,18-21 July 1944 in Normandy

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    This is a British sten gun magazine in nice relic condition and rare to get a British magazine recovered from the battlefield. The magazine is relic but nice solid condition it is not braking up or crumbling but has rust holes in places and larger holes on one side after being buried for 70 odd years but does still have some original black paintwork. This magazine has no remains of the centre spring but still its top tray that the bullets sat on but no bottom plate still in place a very nicely cleaned relic rare anyway to find from this famous battlefield and perfect for display or any collection. This magazine was recovered from the area of the Bourguebus ridge captured by the British and Canadians during Operation Goodwood the battle was fought on the 18-21 July 1944 in Normandy. 

    On the 18th of July tanks of the British 8th Corps were stopped in there advance onto the Bourguébus Ridge by the 1st SS Panzer Division, the commander of the 2nd British Army, General Dempsey, ordered the Canadians to take the village of Bras which lays in front of the ridge. The order came late in the afternoon on July 19th also that day all three armoured divisions continued to fight their way forward towards the Bourguébus Ridge despite heavy opposition, taking Bras, Hubert-Folie and Soldiers. The 11th Armoured Division lost 65 more tanks. The Germans remained in possession of Bourguébus itself, La Hogue and Frenouville. The 3rd British Division, on the front of the 1st Corps, was stopped short of Troarn. On the 20th July saw Bourguébus and Frenouville fall to the 8th Corps before operations ground to a halt as the Germans dug in but the Ridge was finally taken and cleared of all Germans on the 21st July with the Germans falling back to there next defensive line.


    British paratrooper using his Sten gun Mark 5 – WW2 Weapons