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  • British high explosive shell number 101 fuse complete with screw thread all markings dated March 1917 lovely shiny brass colour recovered from a barn in the village of Miraumont on The Somme battlefield of late 1916-1917

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    British high explosive shell number 101 fuse this brass head which was fitted to many shells including the famous 18 pounder gun artillery high explosive shells in fantastic condition with not to much damage a bit pitted nothing more. The shell head still with all of its original markings and numbers and dated March 1917 all perfectly clear to read and has its dirty brass colour but still with a fair bit of shiny original brass colour in places. The fuse has been very well cleaned this head not even shaw it has been has been fired as there is no damage underneath all the screw tread is still there and the top section is lovely a cracking find this head has been found many years ago and has been in a private collection ever since originally found in a barn on a Farm in the village of Miraumont on the Somme battlefield the front line of late 1916 to early 1917.

    Miraumont was the German Front line from around September 1916 until it was occupied by British Troops at the end of February 1917 and lost on the 25th March 1918 and then retaken the following 24th August 1918.There was also a large German battery at Miraumont during the fighting. A very nice and rare soldiers item recovered from the famous Somme battlefield of 1916-1918.

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