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  • Very rare Peak cap Cockade and Parachute fragments belonging to the Pilot Feldwebel Joachim Lehnis from inside German Dornier D0217 which was shot down and crashed into the South Bank at Middlesbrough on the 15th January 1942.

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    This is a very rare group of parts which belonged to the Pilot Feldwebel Joachim Lehnis there is 2 sections of his silk parachute which is structure section of the silk with lots of stitching and his cockade from his peak cap which does have some damage and discolour from the crash and being buried. All the items still retain a lot of there original colours they are very solid not braking up or falling apart they are in very nice clean condition well cleaned they are perfect for display and a very rare group of parts belonging to a known German pilot perfect for any collection the parts are around 8-11 inches long. The parts were recovered with his parachute harness which is named to him this is how we know its his stuff from inside German Dornier D0217 which was shot down and crashed into the South Bank at Middlesbrough on the 15th January 1942. The items come with 2x A5 laminated information cards with pictures.

    The Dornier Do217 was attacking shipping and ports along the North East coast. It is thought that it had attacked various targets at Skinningrove and Eston before bombing a ship off Hartlepool. The ship later sank after damaging the aircraft's engine. Do217 headed inland towards Middlesbrough striking its wing on a barrage balloon cable, crashing onto the railway sidings near what is now the South Bank railway station at 18.20hrs. Three bodies were found in the wreckage and were buried at Thornaby cemetery. Catterick's O.R.B. has the brief entry for this incident stating "Do17 crashed into balloon, South Bank, Middlesbrough".

    Pilot - Fw Joachim Lehnis, of Denzig, killed. Born 18/08/1918.Wireless Operator - Uffz Hans Maneke, of Berlin, killed. Born 26/04/1918.Observer - Lt Rudolf Matern, of Paderborn. Born 20/08/1917 all buried at Thornaby on Tees Cemetery. Gunner / Mechanic - Obfw Heinrich Richter, of Hirschberg, born 16/07/1911. Initially missing but now buried at Thornaby on Tees Cemetery. 


    Dornier's multi-role Do 217