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  • Very rare German anti-tank armour piercing shell head complete example used against British tanks recovered from Bourlon Woods the November 1917 battle part of the Allied Cambrai offensive

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    This is a very rare find from the battlefield  German anti-tank armour piercing shell head which was projectile on roughly 77mm size shell which used against British tanks. The head is complete it is in relic but solid condition it is rusty but not crumbling or braking up it has been very very well cleaned it is 3 half inches long and is lovely for any collection perfect to display. This head was recovered in 2013 from Bourlon Woods the November 1917 battle part of the Allied Cambrai offensive. The part comes with a A5 laminated information card.

    The attack on the Bourlon Woods was an operation that would be carried out by the Third Army under General Julian Byng in order to relieve pressure on the French front. The offensive consisted of an assault against the Germans’s on the Hindenburg line along a 10-mile (16-km) front some 8 miles (13 km) west of Cambrai. Nineteen British divisions were assembled for the offensive, supported by tanks (476 in all, of which about 378 were fighting tanks; the rest were supply and service vehicles) and five horsed Cavalry divisions. The attack lasted from the 20th November 1917 until 6th December 1917.

    THE BATTLE OF CAMBRAI: THE GERMAN COUNTER-ATTACK | Tank 100Tank Killers on the Western Front - Warfare History Network

    British tank destroyed in the Bourlon Woods November 1917