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  • German sdkfz 251 half track rear track wheel, nice relic condition relic with some original sand colour paintwork with its tyre maker marked recovered from Death Valley near Hill 112 the battle during operation Epsom in June 1944, Normandy battlefield

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    This is a fantastic condition wheel from the back tracks used by German sdkfz 251 half track which does have extra holes drilled in either done by the Germans themselves late war for use on trailer or cart or used post war for the same reason not sure which and we will never know either way. The wheel which still has a lot of its tyre left which the rubber is very solid not braking up and has maker markings and numbers pretty clear to see a well used wheel. On it the metal centre is un damaged it has the extra bolt holes drilled in as stated it is still its nice round shape no impact marks still with some remains of a lot of its original sand colour paintwork all over the wheel and very clear to see in places it is in relic condition rusty but still solid and has been very nicely cleaned perfect for any display or collection. The wheel which has been in a private collection was originally recovered from Death Valley near Hill 112 the battle during operation Epsom in June 1944 on the Normandy battlefield. A nice relic from the Normandy battlefield.

    The capture of Caen and Carpiquet at the same time was followed immediately by renewed attacks west of the city in order to capture the high ground between the Odon and the Orne, to encircle Caen from the south, and above all to continue to engage the main German force so it could not block an American breakout to the south. This time the attack was on a broader front with no fewer than six divisions: the 49th and 50th attacked south to Hottot, the 59th attacked south to Noyers, the 15th Scottish was to attack Evrecy, an objective of EPSOM, followed by the 53rd, and in the first attack the 43rd Division was to capture Hill 112 and Maltot on 10th July 1944. 


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