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  • German soldiers Zeltbahn kit tent bag properly used by solider in 26th Volksgrenadier Division nice condition maker marked found a local brocante in Bras a village just outside Bastogne from the Bulge battle 1944-1945

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    This is a German soldiers Zeltbahn kit tent bag with clear to see maker stamps which is SA UND SS on the inside clear to see. The bag is complete does not have any holes in it but has some wartime wear and tear done by its war time owner the bag has its buttons and retains a lot of original colour it is in semi-relic at worst but does not look like it has been used very much it is in very solid condition and is perfect for display or any collection. This bag was properly used by solider in 26th Volksgrenadier Division as they were the last ones defending the village it was found on a local brocante or boot fair in Bras a village just outside Bastogne this village is were British and American forces both re captured it from the Germans during the fighting in early 1945. This bag was used in the fighting that took place in the Ardennes Forest during the battle of the Bulge in the winter of 1944-1945.A very nice unusual relic found in September 2020 in Belgium ware it has been since the battle. 

    The bag was properly used by the 26th Volksgrenadier Division because on the 13th January 1945 they were the last German soldiers occupying the village of Bras near Bastogne at the end of the Battle of the Bulge. On the following day the village of Bras was liberated, and a historic meeting took place when the American forces linked up with the British forces and drove the Germans back into Germany. 

    The 26. Volksgrenadier-Division was formed in September 1944 on the training ground Warthelager near Posen from 26th Infantry Division and manpower from the partially formed 582 Volksgrenadier Division It was sent to the western front and saw action in the Ardennes suffering heavy losses. The remains of the division went into captivity in the Harz Mountains in April 1945.

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