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  • Rare early war German soldiers double decal M35 helmet,paintwork and decal remains,named inside,battle damaged recovered from Narvik area in Norway the land battle that was fought in April-May 1940

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    This is a rare and very early war helmet which is a cracking battlefield found German soldiers double decal M35 helmet which is battle damaged a nice solid relic smooth to the touch in places it is pitted but not to badly.The helmet still with a lot of green paintwork on the outside and near all on the inside but the rare bit it has both decals still partly visible not really that clear to see but are there and on the inside in the back rim in white paint the German soldiers name who the helmet belonged to.The helmet also has its liner ring and chin strap holders in place the ring is damaged and partly loose from the helmet it has clear battle damage a blasted hole in the top of the helmet with blast cracks but still a very solid shell.The helmet  has been very well cleaned retains a lot of original colour and is perfect for display or any collection.This helmet is rusty in places but is not braking up or crumbling it does still have some dirt attached from the recovery it has cleaned up lovely and is a cracking find from this famous battlefield.The helmet has been recovered from Narvik area in Norway the land battle that was fought in April-May 1940 or left over from the German occupation.

    In early April 1940 Narvik was occupied by the Germans by a mixed force of mountain troops, reinforced by the crews of the destroyers that had landed them, and a parachute battalion dropped in from the air. An Allied force of British, French, Norwegian and Polish troops was built up, and land-based air cover was provided by a squadron of Gladiators and one of Hurricanes, flown from carriers.Narvik was finally taken by the British on 28 May, but the decision to evacuate it had by that time been made. The German victories of that month in France and the Low Countries had transformed the strategic situation, and had left the Allies with little alternative. In any case, the withdrawing Germans had done a comprehensive job of destroying the iron ore facilities.


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    German troops in Norway in 1940