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  • RARE large section of wooden airframe structure with lots of green paintwork and metal joint,painted fabric from Russian mig 1 fighter shot down and crashed in 1943 during battle of Kursk

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    This is a RARE to find large section of wooden airframe structure where the wood is still very solid and not braking up.It still has it metal tubed air frame joint connector attached also has some original green paintwork on the wood with yellow painted airframe fabric still covering the wood in places the metal joint still has some original paint work and colour and some electrical wiring still attached the section has smashed off in the crash and is a very large size at 27 inches long and 9 inches wide a very nice condition perfect for display or any collection rare bit of Russian aircraft. The airframe structure was recovered from the site of a Russian mig 1 fighter shot down and crashed during the battle of Kursk the largest Tank battle of the war and the last great German offensive of the war in the East in Russia .The airframe section comes with a laminated A5 information sheet with information and photos.

    Parts from this aircraft are very rare especially from one still flying in 1943 properly thrown in to the defence of the pocket to make up the numbers. Parts frommig-1’s are hard to find any way as there were only around 100 ever made in 1939 to 1940 with the last aircraft being taken out of service in 1944. To minimize demand on strategic materials such as aluminium, the aircraft was mostly constructed from steel tubing and wood and their performance in combat was very limited, but most were apparently destroyed during the opening days of Operation Barbarossa, the German invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941.

    During the fighting at Kursk suggest that very few of German armour losses were caused by the IL-2 or any other Soviet aircraft. In fact, total German tank losses in Operation Citadel amounted to 323 totally destroyed, the vast majority to anti-tank guns and armoured fighting vehicles.


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