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  • German soldiers complete dog tag rare late war zinc made fantastic condition 2nd company Infantry Regiment 185 in the 87 infantry division recovered in the Kurland Pocket 1944-1945 battle in Latvia

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    This is a German soldiers complete dog tag which is for the 2nd company Infantry Regiment 185 in the 87 infantry division of the Wehrmacht. This is a rare zinc made very late war production tag this is the complete dog tag it is in nice solid and fantastic condition for a relic as zinc tags do not do well after being buried but this one with its markings all readable and clear rare to find on zinc tag it still retains some of its original colour but it is a bit dirty and a bit damaged from being buried it has been nicely cleaned and is perfect for display or any collection and a fantastic tag from this late war battlefield. The dog tag was recovered in the Kurland Pocket 1944-1945 battle in Latvia. The tag comes from a very large private collection of dog tags recovered some many years ago from all over Europe from most of the fronts fought on by the German Army in World War 2.

    2/ Infantry Regiment 185 dogtag, the 185th infantry regiment was subordinated to the 87th Infantry division, this division first saw combat in the invasion of France and the low countries, pushing through to Albert through Malmedy. It remained here until the battle of France began with it pushing on and occupying Paris on June 14th, where it remained as an occupation force until July. It was then moved throughout France as an occupation force.
    In late March/Early April 1941 the division was relocated to East Prussia by rail. the division advanced from the Suwalki area to Vilna. The division took part in the Bialystock Kessel Battle and then turned into the area north of Smolensk. When the offensive on Moscow began in early October 1941, the division fought its way through Vyazma, Gshatsk, Mohaisk, Rusa and Zvenigrod to the Istra estuary. Here the division was hit by the Russian winter offensive and thrown back into the Rusa position. After being pushed onto a defensive it was pushed back further. The division then was pushed constantly onto retreat before withdrawing to the “Panther position” where it stayed until summer 1944. When the Soviet summer offensive kicked in the unit was to hold Army Group North’s southern flank. However once again it was pushed back toward Estonia, and eventually retreated via Riga to Courland where it stayed for all six battles before capitulating.


    German soldiers dog tag blank unused zinc made recovered from Berlin 1945  battle in the last days of the Reich | Relics from the Front