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  • German soldiers half dog tag aluminium made early war tag, rare reused one for the Staff of II department for Artillery Regiment 122 recovered in the Kurland Pocket 1944-1945 battle in Latvia

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    This is a German soldiers half dog tag which is for the Staff of II department for Artillery Regiment 122  of the Wehrmacht but is a rare reused tag with 1/s. artillery replacement battalion 18 on the back crossed out this was done in the field by the troops them self'sThis is a aluminium made early war production tag this is the half dog tag snapped down the middle it is in very nice solid condition for a relic with its markings completely readable it still retains a lot of its original colour but it is a bit dirty and damaged from being buried it has been nicely cleaned and is perfect for display or any collection and a very nice tag from this late war battlefieldThe dog tag was recovered in the Kurland Pocket 1944-1945 battle in Latvia. The tag comes from a very large private collection of dog tags recovered some many years ago from all over Europe from most of the fronts fought on by the German Army in World War 2.

    Staff of II department for Artillery Regiment 122 dogtag. Artillery regiment 122 was placed under the 122nd Infantry division. With Department II being led by Major of the Reserve Paul Schikorowsky by 1943. So this was likely an officer under his command. The 122nd took part in operation Barbarossa and pushed toward Leningrad via Kowno, Kovno and Opachka. Throughout the latter parts of 1941 and the beginning of 1942 they were part of the siege of Leningrad, before being in Staraya in March and Demyansk from where they took part in the battles of Rzhev, they also took part in the battle of Narva before being pulled back to Denmark for refitting as part of the occupying force. It was then redeployed to Reval, where they were eventually pushed back to Courland and surrendered in the Courland pocket to the Russians.


    German soldiers dog tag blank unused zinc made recovered from Berlin 1945  battle in the last days of the Reich | Relics from the Front