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  • Russian 76.2mm ZIS 3 anti-tank gun brass shell case dated 1943 in nice relic condition recovered in Estonia from the Narva battlefield of February- August 1944 and there were SS and Wehrmacht units involved in the fighting

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    This is a Russian 76.2mm brass shell case dated 1944 fired by Zis 3 ant-tank gun .The case is complete but with some damage around the neck from being fired it does not retain its shiny original brass colour it has discoloured from being buried it still has some of its stamps and markings on the bottom including the date 1943 not very clear to see it is in very nice condition for a battlefield recovered case. The case was recovered in Estonia from the battlefield of Narva.

    The battle of Narva which was fought from February 2, 1944 - August 10, 1944 and there were SS and Wehrmacht units involved in the fighting. And which resulted in a rare German victory in 1944 holding off the soviet advance the bottom picture shows German soldiers fighting during the battle. The Battle of Narva took place from February 2, 1944 - August 10, 1944. This battle was fought between the German Army led by Johannes Friebner and Felix Stenier and the Soviet Union led by Loenid Govorov and Ivan Fedyuninsky. Basically, the only reason for this battle was Soviet Union's Joseph Stalin wanted the area around Narva (Estonia) for an air base and an entrance for the invasion of Prussia. However, things didn't go as Stalin planned. The German Army hit the Soviets fast and hard resulting in 480,000 casualties compared to Germany's 68,000. The German forces involved the battle were III SS (Germanic) Panzer Corps XXVI Army Corps XXXXIII Army Corps Eastern sector, coastal defence.

    ZiS-3 (M1942)