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  • Very Large aluminium air frame panel from around and engine with paintwork remains from German Heinkel He 111 bomber work number 2720 it was shot down on the 31st August 1940 and crashed at Capel in Surrey

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    This is a rare very large aluminium air frame panel which is a section that sat around one of the engines as it has the heat resistant sacking in the middle of it the part which is a few parts still riveted together and has a lot of gray and black paintwork still on it the panel is in nice solid condition it has ripped and bent by the impact of the crash but is a cracking condition relic it is has been cut away from a larger section and is 14 inches long by 12 inches wide in size and is a large very lump of air frame. The part comes from German Heinkel He 111 bomber work number 2720  it was shot down on the 31st August 1940 the plane crashed and exploded at Swires Farm at Capel in Surrey. A very nice and very rare to get such a massive size panel from the famous battle of Britain and German Heinkel 111 shot down.The item comes with a A5 laminated information sheet with photo taken at the time. 

    German Heinkel He 111 work number 2720 the plane was engaged to attack Farnborough but was intercepted and rammed over Reigate by RAF Hurricane of Number 79 squadron was flown by pilot officer E.J. Morris.

    The plane crashed and exploded at Swires Farm at Capel in Surrey at 11.12 am on 30th August 1940.Oberfeldwebel W.Horing and Oberfeldwebel G.Stahlberg also Gefreiter doctor K.Heimel were all killed Hauptmann R.Bass staffelkapitan bailed out and captured badly hurt and Oberleutnant P.Frohlisch captured unhurt.The site was visited twice by investigators in 1976 and again in 1979.

    Pilot Officer E.J.Morris a South African from No 79 Squadron was flying Hurricane P3203 when he rammed this Heinkel baled out and returned to duty but wounded the following day on August 31st 1940 when he was forced to crash land his plane.His Hurricane P3877 was badly damaged by ME 109s in action over Biggin Hill he returned to base wounded.


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